IntraManager Work

Invaluable insight
with work 

Get valuable insight into your contact center and view statistics and reports without having to do it manually.    

Completely non-binding. No payment information needed.

Overview of your customers 

Easily create your customers and get an overview of them and their products. The customers and the associated products are set up in a few steps, and if you have integrated Work with, for example, your telephony system, the employees’ sales, for example, are retrieved completely automatically. The employees therefore do not have to manually enter their sales. 

the basis for your payroll

Get an insight into your employees’ performance with reports. The reports contain, among other things, information about the employees’ pay and calling hours, the number of sales and their bonus amount. The reports are therefore what form the basis of your contact center’s payroll.  

Get a valuable insight

Draw valuable statistics across your contact center’s departments, campaigns, products or employees.
Through the integrations to your other tools, all the data generated in your contact center is gathered in one place, which gives you an in-depth and important insight into your contact center. This way you avoid having to subtract numbers from several different systems manually. 

Overview of the employees

Get an easy overview of your employees’ stamps. The overview lets you quickly spot if there are any deviations in their stampings, and you can also see an overview of their performance of the day, as you can see both the number of sales and pay and call hours. 

retrieve data automatically 

Quickly set up an integration and automatically retrieve your data – completely without having to code. You can connect Work with a wide range of tools used in contact centers, including LeadDesk, Enreach, Adversus, Zenegy, Emply, and Salesforce.  

Take control
over your contact center

Try IntraManager Work free of charge for 30 days and experience the benefits of having your manual processes automated in your contact center. The trial period is completely non-committal so you do not need to provide any payment details.

Completely non-binding. No payment information needed.