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Automate your manual processes with IT solutions from IntraManager and gain valuable and visual insight into your business and employees.

Optimize your worklife

Our most important task is to automate as many manual processes as possible. Through automation and optimization, we release human resources that ensure you a better result in the end.

Valuable insight

IntraManagers products gives you an easy, clear and valuable insight in your company.


All data processed in our systems is encrypted and safely stored in the cloud. Our partners are always assured that our data security complies with the current legislation.

IntraManager® Work

Intelligent scheduling

Test function

Finance module

Employee overview

IntraManager® Board

Live viewing of KPIs

Budget management



What our business partners say

I am particularly pleased with the test feature/element/function in IntraManager Work, which we use extensively in our employee development. With the test function, we can easily set up tests, follow the development of our employees and approve steps. In that way we always know that our employees have the right knowledge about our company when recruiting new members.
Kris Hovgaard Jørgensen

Sales Manager, Røde Kors

The insights, that IntraManagers systems create, are highly productive/valuable in our day-to-day performance management work.
The collaboration is characterized by a high degree of sparring and a solution-oriented dialogue.
Mads Stallknecth

Head of Telesales, Mass Market, Telia

As a Performance Manager, I work extensively in IntraManager Work. With Work, I get a quick overview of our employees and their hours and sales. Because Work can be integrated with IntraManagers other products, I can pull data across departments and products so that I can visualize our KPIs. It is crucial to my work as a Performance Manager.

Jakob Agerskov

Performance Manager

My collaboration with IntraManager is very value-creating. With IntraManager’s products, I can get a quick overview of, among other things, my employees and their hourly and sales registrations and handle other administrative tasks on a platform that is intuitive and simple to work on. With IntraManager’s products, we (and our managers) avoid spending a lot of time on administrative tasks, and we can instead spend even more time developing our employees and thus increasing our performance.
Jarl Lundgaard Marcher

Chief Operations Officer

Magnifying glass looking over document

An overview of your bussines

Intelligent scheduling

A visualization of your KPIs in real time

Quality assurance module

Integrable with a wide range of systems

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