Our story

Who is IntraManager?

IntraManager was created by Michael Behrens and Lars Klausen out of the need of to optimize workflows and the fascination of doing things easier.

the idea was created

Michael Behrens and Lars Klausen met for the first time in 2010. They were sales coordinator and CEO in a large telemarketing agency, respectively, and they experienced daily that they lacked an overview – one of the company’s overall performance and the other of shift schedules, hourly accounts, and development. They spent countless hours and resources obtaining the data that gave them the overview and decision-making basis that was crucial for the company to grow and develop. 

the vision realized

Together they created IntraManager A/S and the products Work and Board, which today are among the leading tools for contact centers in Denmark. The tools collect and display the ever-growing amount of data live, so you get an overview, momentum and room for development in your contact center. Work and Board creates value across all levels and functions – from the employees on the floor, who can see their own development, to the top management, who can get an insight into the finances and the contact centers development.  

the future

We are very positive about the future of IntraManager A/S. We are experiencing an incresing interest in our tools and see many exciting trends in the market, which gives us high hopes that we will help even more – both large and small – customers in Denmark and abroad. With our tools, we will contribute to the weekdays in contact cnters becoming more automated and optimized, and that there will be a greater focus on translating the data that is created into concrete strategies. 

We also expect to expand our skilled team with even more colleagues who will take part in the development that IntraManager A/S is going through with its partners.

We look forward to taking you all on our future journey.

IntraManagers office with employees
Illustration of a man running towards his goal


We develop software that creates transparency on data and automation of processes. 


We make the job easier.


Danish companies are becoming more data-driven every day. Increased demands on performance place greater demands on managers and the data on which their decisions are made. They need automated live data and a overview that ensures an optimal decision basis and efficient workflows, which ultimately increases performance. IntraManager’s tools contribute to just that. 

With our cloud-based tools, you get a constantly updated overview, which ensures that the contact center’s progress is as desired. The tools thus release your resources so that they can be used on what is developing and value-creating for you and the contact center. 

We are champions of awesome trials

Try IntraManagers tools free of charge for 30 days and experience the benefits in your contact center. The trial periods are completely non-committal, so you do not need to provide any payment information.