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Who are we?

IntraManager® develops customized and user-friendly systems that help organizations save time and resources so they can focus on their core business.

We help you save time

The IntraManager story

IntraManager is a Danish-owned, reputable IT-company that, since 2011, have developed and delivered various user-friendly and secure SaaS-solutions to several organizations in different industries. At IntraManager®, we work hard to automate our partners’ manual processes in order to save their time on administrative tasks. In that way they can focus on what creates value for them.

The IntraManager customer base

We are proud to provide secure and user-friendly software for organizations in various industries. Our systems are used in the telecommunications and insurance industries and NGOs. Our customer base consists of, among others, Telia, Red Cross, Amnesty International, Unicef and Ase.
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Our most important task is to automate as many manual processes as possible. In that way, our business partners can focus on their core business instead.

This is how

Through automation via digitalization, it is our goal to release human resources and to ultimately provide our business partners with improved results.



Collaboration is a keyword in all our customer relationships. We know that all organizations work in different ways. This knowledge creates a natural need for close cooperation between us and our business partners in order to create the most optimal, customized solutions for each individual organization and their needs.


It is essential for us to be flexible in the relationship with our business partners. We know that our business partners are deeply dependent on our systems, which is why it is necessary for us to make an extra effort in order to make our business partners achieve their goals.



Through sparring with our partners, we will create an efficient, dynamic and flexible platform that facilitates administrative workflows and increases your organization’s performance.


Our aim is to digitalize and automate as many manuel processes as possible with the purpose of increasing our business partners performance


We want to be a reliable, stable and secure IT-partner, who always delivers the agreed software on time.

IntraManager board

Michael Behrens

Michael Behrens

Chairman of the board

Michael started IntraManager in 2011, which is why he has an extensive experience and understanding of processes and integrations between the systems. This means that he can generate the best possible KPIs for the optimization of our business partners.

Michael is also a board member of the day care in the Tommerup-area. Together with the rest of the board, he works closely with the city council and the municipality’s directors to create the best conditions for children in the area.

Henrik Y. Jensen

Henrik Y. Jensen

Board member

Henrik is a state authorized public accountant (appointed in 2013) with many years of experience in auditing and consulting. Henrik has, among other things, advised on different matters in the purchase and sale of organizations as well as accounting, taxation, restructuring for primarily technology companies, real estate companies, consultancy and production companies.

Henrik has experience in operating and managing strategic projects, and since 2019 he has been the Head of Strategy at Maersk Oil Trading & Investments A/S.

Lars Klausen

Lars Klausen

Board member

Lars has experience in operating and developing companies in both Denmark and abroad. For many years he was a member, and most recently the chairman, of the Danish Telemarketing Association. He is also the former CEO of OnLine telemarketing. The organization grew by 2500 % and delivered positive results throughout the years. Lars has knowledge of operations and optimization and he manages the art of budgeting via KPIs at a very high level.

Lars is also doing voluntary work as he is a Patient and Relative representative in OUH’s program management for the PRO-cooperation.

IntraManager and security


All data is stored in an encrypted IT environment


All customers have their own database. Therefore, there is no risk of data mixing


All communication between the user’s web browser and the server is encrypted by a SSL-certificate

At IntraManager, security is a very important focus point. The information stored in the systems is often sensitive or personal. This has a decisive influence on the way we work with the systems. For us, it is about our partners feeling confident that we have access to their data.

At IntraManager we comply with all GDPR regulations. Do you want to know more about GDPR and what significance the law has for you? Read more here.

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