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Take control over your contact center and optimize your shift scheduling, reporting, salary administration, etc.   

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Optimize your weekday 

Work optimizes the weekday in your contact center by automating the manual processes, that can be connected to shift scheduling, financial management, salary administration and employee development.

Intelligent shift scheduling

Easily set up shift schedules in minutes. With the intelligent shift schedules in IntraManager Work, you save time and avoid rolling out shifts.

Everything gathered in one place

Every administrative task is gathered at one place. It gives you the full overview of your tasks, your contact center, and your employees, which created overview, progress, and room for development.  

users of Intramanager Work

Jarl Lundgaard Marcher

Chief Operations Officer

My collaboration with IntraManager is very value-creating. With IntraManagers products, I can get a quick overview of, among other things, my employees and their hourly and sales registrations and handle other administrative tasks on a platform that is intuitive and simple to work on. With IntraManagers products, we (and our managers) avoid spending a lot of time on administrative tasks, and we can instead spend even more time developing our employees and thus increasing our performance. 

Kris Hovgaard Jørgensen

Sales Manager, Røde Kors

I am particularly pleased with the test feature in IntraManager Work, which we use extensively in our employee development. With the test function, we can easily set up tests, follow the development of our employees and approve steps. In that way we always know that our employees have the right knowledge about our company when recruiting new members. 

Success story

Schedule and watch forecasts

The shift schedule contains the smart forecasting feature, which automatically shows you what you can expect of your employees and see, which developments they are going through based on their last five shifts 

Valuable insight

Export valuable statistics and reports across your contact centers departments, campaigns, products, or employees. Via the integrations to other tools, the feature gathers all the data, that is being created in your contact center. That automates your reporting, since you do not have to manually draw numbers in different systems. 

Develop the employees

Give your employees the right knowledge and help them improve their performance. With the training and testing function, you can identify the employees strong and weak sides, which allows you see what you need to focus on in your onboarding and training.   

Follow your contact center’s
contribution margin

Get a visual overview of your contact center’s earnings, and follow, for example, your revenue, your costs, and your contribution margin live. Work also automates your payroll administration, as the tool can be integrated with your payroll system.  

Close contact
even on the go

Be in close contact with your employees through the IntraManager Work app. The employees can read news and articles, answer on invitations and get an overview of their future shifts – no matter where they are.  

Take control
over your contact center

Try IntraManager Work for free in 30 days and experience the benefits of having your manual processes automated in your contact center. The trial period is completely non-committal so you do not need to provide any payment details.

Completely non-binding. No payment information needed.