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About Puzzel 

The modern customer wants service that is personal, relevant and always available. With a cloud-based multi-channel contact centre solution from Puzzel, all of this comes together in one solution, designed to help thousands of users deliver an effortless and accessible customer experience. This should happen anytime, anywhere, through any channel and with any device.

Puzzle’s solution is scalable, quick to roll out and it can integrate with virtually any of the technologies used in your contact centre – for example, it can integrate with IntraManager Board. With the solution, you get increased productivity, closer customer contact and better service. It’s an omni-channel that offers telephony, web chat, email, social media and SMS – all managed in one application.


When you use Puzzel as your contact centre telephony solution, you get:

  • A softphone
  • A call system (also called a dialer)
  • IVR
  • Ability to record calls
  • Ability to make callbacks

If you use the webchat from Puzzel in your contact centre, you get:

  • Support for multiple devices
  • Design flexibility
  • Ability to conduct customer surveys
  • Ability to create structured messages
  • URL tracking
Social Media

If you access your contact centre’s social media through Puzzel, you can:

  • Log in and use Facebook
  • Use Facebook Messenger
  • Sign in and use Twitter
  • Create standardised autoresponders
  • Make advanced redirects

When you use Puzzel to access your emails, you get:

  • A solution that is independent of email systems
  • The ability to do advanced redirects
  • Ability to create task assignments
  • CRM access
  • An integration to MS Exchange

If you use Puzzel to send SMS messages, you get:

  • Card number
  • Incoming and outgoing SMS option
  • Message templates
  • Alphanumeric sender

You can read more about Puzzel here.

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