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About Adversus

Adversus is a browser-based dialer and CRM-system for telemarketing, booking of meetings and fundraising, which gives you a more efficient workday – tailored to even the smallest detail.
With the intelligent campaign management you can both streamline and optimize the activities in your contact center. In that way, you can focus on what is value-adding for you. Just to mention a few of the features found in Adversus, you can

  • Choose from three different dialing methods (Predictive, Progressive and Manual)
  • Collect data
  • Have outgoing calls
  • Send emails/text messages
  • Record conversations
  • Create products

Adversus makes your workflows much easier, and since all the data on your customer is gathered in one place, you always have the full overview. You can register calls, successes and sales and validate your data with just a few clicks. Adversus takes good care of data as it is compliant and follow the applicable legislation.


When you use the Adversus dialer, you can keep track of all your activities and results across departments, projects and campaigns. The flexible reporting tool lists all the KPI that are relevant to you. You can also

  • Get the full data history
  • Follow your employees’ performance live
  • Watch and follow your campaigns live
  • Listen and record your employees’ calls, which makes it easy to analyze the sales techniques or save them for documentation
  • Export two or more formats
Automate your workflows

With Adversus Journeys you can streamline your processes and automate your topic flows. You can also integrate Adversus with other systems, such as IntraManager Work, so you don’t have to do manual work. In Journeys you can 

  • Design your own lead journeys
  • Send automatic emails
  • Set up triggers
  • Send data to other systems – for instance IntraManager Work or IntraManager Board
  • Accelerate or close topics
  • Split sales processes
  • Send notifications

Read more about Adversus here.

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