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About Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat allows you to make a personal connection with customers looking for support. It’s a fast and efficient way to offer help without disrupting the customer experience. Happy customers who are contacted via chat or messaging are three times more likely to purchase a product through your website. With Zendesk Chat, you can:

  • Send targeted and behavioral messages to customers. For example, you can help customers complete their purchase by automatically reaching out with a chat.
  • Use forms where you ask for visitors’ contact information before starting a dialogue. Visitors can also contact you via the forms when you are not available in chat.
  • Collect feedback from the Chat Rating feature to improve your performance.
  • Share all kinds of files with your customers (e.g. a screenshot or a manual) to solve their problem faster.
  • Integrate AI-powered bots into your chat using Zendesk’s API.
Analyse your performance

Zendesk Chat gives you an overview of your chat and your employees’ activities. The overview can help ensure the right questions are asked. With the analytics feature, you can:

  • Track chat volume, monitor employee productivity, and anticipate customer needs to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor live data on chat volume, visitor experience and employee performance.
  • Set goals and measure how often your customers complete them (e.g. whether customers buy your products, sign up for your newsletters or similar).
Adapt to your visual identity

The chat can be adapted to your visual identity, so your customers know they are in touch with you. With Zendesk Chat, you can, for example:

  • Customize your chat badges yourself. You can choose between different layouts and themes or change the image completely to suit your business.
  • Build a custom end-user-friendly chat widget that gives visitors a unique and consistent experience.
  • Add it to all CMS systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify and Prestashop.

You can read more about Zendesk Chat here.

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