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Telavox develops contact center software used in a wide range of companies.


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About Telavox

IntraManager Board can be integrated with Telavox contact centre software, and the integration can, among other things, visualise data from your customer service department. The visualisation of this data can make your employees aware of their performance, which can ultimately give customers a better experience when dealing with your company.

What is Telavox?

Telavox develops contact centre software that is used in a wide range of companies. The software enables companies to strengthen their customer contact across channels, allowing them to provide the best possible customer service. You can collect data from the following channels: 

  • Speech
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Emails

Telavox collects a wide range of information in a user-friendly and clear design, so you can easily and quickly find exactly what you need to help your customers. The Telavox solution includes a wide range of standard features, and you can also add a number of options to your solution, giving you more options to optimise your business and make it easy to provide good customer service.
Telavox allows you to:

  • Join ring groups and receive queued calls, whether you’re in the office, on the move or working from home.
  • See the availability of your colleagues.
  • Route enquiries to the agent who has the best skills to help, so the customer’s problem is most likely to be resolved on first contact.
  • Set up IVR, which lets you give your customers important information before they are put through to a colleague. You decide where in the phone queue the voice messages are played and what they contain. For example, they can be used for various campaigns to tell you about your company’s opening hours or for operational information.
  • Allow customers to be called by a member of staff without losing their place in the queue if there is a wait when they contact you.
  • Integrate with a wide range of popular systems and platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk and HubSpot.
What can you visualize from Telavox?

Once you’ve set up the integration between IntraManager Board and Telavox, you’ll have the ability to visualize data on:

  • Users
  • Queuing systems
  • Calls

You can read much more about the Telavox contact centre solution here.

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