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About Puzzel 

Customers today, want service that isn’t just personal, but relevant, available and stress-free. With their cloud based omnichannel-solution, Puzzel is anywhere the customer is, gathering all contact channels in one solution. The purpose of Puzzels solution is, to help their users to an effortless and easy customer experience, anywhere and anytime.
Puzzel was created for contact centers and is thus perfect to integrate with the various solutions you are already using. For instance, you can integrate with IntraManager Board, where you can visualize your data from Puzzel in a performance dashboard.

With Puzzels omnichannel-solution you get increased productivity, close customer contact, and better service. If you integrate with IntraManager Board, you can visualize your efficiency and keep track on your service levels, live. The integration allows you to visualize several things, like processing time per agent, how many agents are ready for calls, or how many calls an agent has had during their shift.

Joint customer experience

Using Puzzel, you get to meet your customers on the channels they choose. Having an omnichannel-solution allows your customers to choose the contact method they prefer, and with the help of intelligent competence-based routing, Puzzel makes sure that no matter what channel your customers choose, they get assigned the correct agent with the right competences. This ensures customer satisfaction, both in terms of customer service and availability.
With the omnichannel-solution your customers have the opportunity to choose between these different contact channels:


When using Puzzel as your company’s contact center solution, you can handle both inbound and outbound calls with::

  • A softphone system that allows your agents to answer calls directly from their computer or other devices – meaning that you are not tied to your phone
  • Interactive Voice Response – IVR – is a system that assists you when it comes to making sure that customers are queued the right place. It helps ensure that customers are helped the right way as fast as possible
  • You also get the opportunity to do callbacks. This way a customer doesn’t have to wait on the phone but can be called automatically when it’s their turn
  • For education purposes, you can also do silent monitoring or taping calls. This allows you to look back at calls and analyze approaches, lines etc.


If you use Puzzel to access your emails, you get:

  • A solution that is independent from all the big email systems
  • The possibility to do advanced re-directions to an employee that is more relevant
  • The option to handle the entire customer interaction, even if the customer is using multiple communication channels

Social media

Optimize your use of social media. With Puzzel you can:

  • Use the functions from queue build up, re-direction and service levels, to gather all contact from SoMe
  • Create filtered queues for specially trained customer service agents for fast and correct replies
  • Respond to both comments and private messages on Facebook, and track comments and replies


Puzzel SMS for business allows you to communicate with your customers through:

  • Mass distribution – that is, communicating to large groups, such as your customer base or organizations, through API or web tools
  • Notifications and reminders work wonders for improving the chances of tax returns being checked or remembering your hair or doctor’s appointment
  • The SMS function is a part of Puzzels contact center solution, meaning you have complete control and can make sure everything is responded to, the same way you would do with calls or emails

Live Share

Build deeper relationships with your customers, through Puzzels live share:

  • Through live share you are able to initiate voice calls with customers at any time, whether that is during voice calls or web chats
  • You can also co-browse with your customers to help them navigate your website or fill out forms etc.
  • Live share also lets you deliver live product demonstrations or do consultations from your contact center
  • It not only allows you to connect to your customers, live share safeguards your online interactions with video verification and security checks and helps dissolve customer tensions with a personal touch, when it matters

Read more about Puzzel here.

A joint contact center solution

One thing that contact centers, communication- and customer service departments all have in common are, that they have regular customer contact, either through telephony or on digital platforms.
With the level of customer contact these departments has, its necessary to have a joint overview and a system that is stress-free, helping to ensure that you use as much time on your customers as possible. That’s exactly what Puzzel does, it gathers all communication in one place.
The customers experience of service, response time and accessibility have direct influence on their satisfaction regarding the deal and the company. Using a system like IntraManager Board together with Puzzel, gives a clear overview making it easier to accommodate and meet the customers’ expectations.

Voice and SMS

It might sound a bit old-fashioned, but phone calls and text messages are still one of the cornerstones of our communication when creating customer relations and maintaining them. Which is why it is so important as a contact center, communication- or customer service department, to cover all contact surfaces, and especially be available and visible on voice calls and SMS. When using Puzzels softphone and call system it is easy for employees to reach out and create the personal touch with customers.
Puzzel isn’t only used for outbound communication because they know that the inbound communication system is equally important. Voice calls and text messages are no excuse, and with Puzzel you can even use Interactive Voice Respond to make sure that customers aren’t wasting their time while waiting. When you integrate with IntraManager Board, you can visualize these data in a live performance dashboard, or you can gamify the handling times or the number of calls or responses during the day, to motivate your agents.

Social media

You can’t get around the importance of social media in today’s online based world, especially in the e-commerce area, but increasingly in the customer contact area as well. The biggest social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, which Puzzel of course work well with.
Being visible and able to interact with customers on social media is crucial to optimize your communication and customer satisfaction. Puzzel helps create an overview of the communication on social media, IntraManager Board helps create an overview of that data, so you always know exactly what platforms are being used the most and how.

Email and webchats

Even though these two modes of communication are used quite differently in the regular customer contact or in campaigns, emails and webchats has huge potential when it comes to connecting with your customers.
When you use Puzzel to access your emails and webchats, you are able to reach your customers independently from other email suppliers, and make sure that the right agent is replying to the customer. You are able to separate inquiries over one or more units, but you can also handle them all together. With emails and webchats, you can also do customer studies and inquires to entire groups on the receiving side.

There are many options, but with an omnichannel-solution like Puzzel, one thing is for sure, and that is that having an overview of the different channels and how they are used, is crucial for customer success, and that is where IntraManager Board comes into play.

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