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About Miralix

IntraManager Board can be integrated with Miralix’s ContactCenter-software, and the integration can, among other things, visualize data from your customer service department. The visualization of this data can make your employees aware of their performance, which can ultimately give customers a better experience in the meeting with your company.

What is Miralix?

Miralix is a Danish company, that develops ContactCenter-software, that are being used in a wide range of companies, municipalities, and government agencies. The software allows the companies to strengthen their customer contact across different channels, which allows them to provide the best possible customer service. You can collect data from the following channels:

  • Talk
  • Chat
  • Text messages
  • Different tasks
  • E-mails
  • Webchats and SoMe

Miralix gathers a wide range of information in a user-friendly and clear design, so you can find exactly what helps your customers further along. Miralix ‘solution contains many standard features, and in addition a number of options can also be added to your solution, so you have more options for optimizing your business and making it easy to provide good customer service. With Miralix you can

  • Take part in calling groups and receive calls from the queues – no matter where you are
  • Follow your coworkers’ availability via unified presence based on their calendars, phones, mobile phones, notes, and tasks
  • Route inquiries to the agent who has the best skills to help, so the customer’s problem is most likely to be resolved at first contact
  • Set up “hot items” that let you give your customers important information before they are passed on to an employee. You decide where in the phone queue the voice messages are to be played and what they must consists of. They can e.g., be used for various campaigns to mention the company’s opening hours or for operational information
  • Redirect the customer to the last agent they talked to
  • Give the customer
  • Integrate Miralix with a wide range of systems and platforms, e.g., Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and
    What can you visualize from Miralix?

    When you have set up the integration between our visualization tool, IntraManager Board, and Miralix, you have the possibility to visualize more then 100 different KPIs, including data on:

    • agent level
    • task level
    • processing time
    • phone queues

    Read more about Miralix here.

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