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About LeadDesk 

LeadDesk is a cloud-based solution for high volume sales and customer service. It’s a simple solution that covers three different purposes: outbound sales, inbound customer service and automation. With LeadDesk you get a tool that helps efficiency and advances your performance.
LeadDesk is a completely cloud-based solution that helps you handle a large number of customers and requests, by connecting the right person, through the right channel at the right time. It’s a rigid software, that doesn’t accept complex solutions. It is fully customizable whether you are concerned with campaigns, queues, reports or operations.

Outbound sales software

One of LeadDesks main solutions is outbound sales. The outbound software is a multimode dialer that, other than being intuitive, will increase your employee’s chances of always calling the right customer, and always be prepared to help that customer.
The outbound software lets you choose between 8 different dialer modes, reaching for the highest efficiency possible. In the software you can use the predictive dialer or advanced reporting to learn from your campaign and optimize your current and future campaigns.
With the outbound software you get a software that has:

  • Auto dialer software – that automatically calls the next customer for you. While the software is dialing, the agents is being briefed on the next client, and is thus always informed.
  • Click-to-call dialer software – gives your agents more flexibility by making sure that all numbers on webpages or in files automatically become links they can click on and thus call.
  • Power dialer – the power dialer automatically makes a defined number of calls on a contact list and assigns them to your agents when they become free. If you manage to create the right call-to-agent ratio, it will not only optimize the agent’s efficiency but increase customer satisfaction.
  • Predictive dialer software – this software uses AI to maximize your agent’s efficiency. It uses different types of algorithms to analyze, amongst others, average call time, handling time and the average number of calls it takes to create a connection to the customer.
Inbound customer service software

When you use LeadDesk as your contact centers customer service software you can distribute calls and emails to the agent that has the best qualifications to solve the task, no matter where the request is made.
LeadDesk being a cloud-based omnichannel solution means that you are available for your customers no matter what platform they are using. Just because your customers are in many places, doesn’t mean you have to be. With LeadDesk you operate from one system.
When you use LeadDesk as your customer service software you can:

  • Reply to customers from LeadDesk no matter where the customer is contacting you from.
  • Customize your service by keeping the conversation in one feed. This way you can always keep track on the whole conversation and underlying issues.
  • Assign the right agent to the task immediately by the help of interactive voice response. IVR helps assign the customers to the right agent making sure that they are not queuing the wrong place. You can also give the customers the call back option allowing them to go on with their day and simply receive a call when it’s their turn.
AI and automation

With the AI and automation options you can easily, when using LeadDesk, optimize the day-to-day life for your agents, and in the meantime increase efficiency and optimize performance.
When you use AI and automation you get an effortless contact with your customers and your customers get help even faster when it does not only rely on agents.
Customers request does not always demand personal assistance. If they do not, you can use the chatbot that automatically helps your customers with simple issues. This saves time not only for customers but for agents as well, allowing the agents to focus on more elaborate issues.
AI is not only isolated to help customers in text but is also used to divide customers into the right queues making sure that the customer doesn’t need to be redirected and the agents will not have to try to solve a problem that they weren’t trained for.

What do you get by integrating IntraManager Board to LeadDesk?

When you integrate LeadDesk with IntraManager Board, you get a fast and easy overview over your contact- or customer service centers performance. With IntraManager Board you can create a dashboard customized to the goals you want to track, whether that is for your outbound sales activities, inbound customer service activities or automation, you can create a dashboard that show the specific KPIs that is important to you.
If you want to visualize your outbound activities with IntraManager Board, you can visualize how many agents you have calling and how many calls are going through. You can also get an overview of the average handling time and waiting time, this way you always know how you are performing.

Live performance and insights in your contact center

With IntraManagers live overview in dashboards you always have you finger on the pulse when it comes to your contact center. Whether you want to track your outbound sales, inbound customer service or your automations processes for queuing or chatbots, the integration with Board will help you create an overview of your campaigns and performance.
LeadDesk being an omnichannel solution supporting 8 different dialer modes means that when you integrate with IntraManager Board you get to track and visualize which of these modes are being used the most, where you are most effective and where you need to optimize your performance. This integration gives you a unique insight to your contact center that can help you make strategic decision about your upcoming campaigns.

Get motivated by data

Everyone gets motivated by knowing that they are doing a good job, but when it comes to creating motivation from numbers it can be difficult to feel motivated by simply reaching a KPI. With IntraManager Board, you can visualize these data; making it easier for your agents to follow their progress. There are several ways to visualize data in a motivating way, one can be to create a speedometer where you can visually see how far you have come to reaching your goal. Another option is to gamify your data to spark a little healthy competition.
The speedometer option can be incorporated into your live performance dashboard, so it is always available. If you want to incorporate more boards and games for one department, you can create a slideshow and have it switch between daily sales performance, games and, let’s say, monthly performance statistics.
With dashboards and gamification, you get a way to visualize your data that includes your agents and doesn’t only show what value they create for their managers. Employees knowing how they are doing and what they’re excelling at can be a huge motivational factor, further visualizing and making games of it, can be a fun change for employees, as they are not only battling themselves but their coworkers as well.

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