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eTrack1 is a unique Danish ticketing-system, that supports a range of channels for the collection of customer inquiries.


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About eTrack1

eTrack1 is a cloud-based and unique ticketing-system, which is developed, hosted, supported, and implemented from Denmark. eTrack1 automates the manual tasks, there may be in a contact center working with customer service.With eTrack1 you will experience a lot of benefits:

  • Your tasks and the unique customer experience get automated
  • The training of new employees takes less time
  • You get a tool that your employees will love
Which channels can be used?

The tool supports and simplifies yours and your employees’ work procedures, and it delivers the exact insight that is a condition for you to run a customer center that is efficient and result oriented. The tool supports several channels for collecting customer inquiries:

  • E-mails
  • Your own forms
  • eTrack1-forms, which is i-frame or service-based forms
  • eTrack1-chat
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook Messenger

In addition, the tool also supports the following channels for delivering answers

  • E-mails
  • E-boks (which is a Danish online digital mailbox)
  • Ekstranet (mine sider)
Who is it for?

The tool is developed for contact centers with leaders that are passionate and employees that wants the customer service to be more effective. With the tool, your contact center will be much better at providing better service and doing it in a more efficient way.
You can learn more here.

Connect with IntraManager Board and show your data live

You can easily connect eTrack1 with our visualization tool IntraManager Board. When you connect the tools, you can easily and quickly view your data live. It brings a wide range of benefits to you, your contact center, and your employees. You can read more about these benefits here.

Once you have connected the two tools, you can, for example, show:

  • The number of your surveys
  • The answering percentage
  • See an overview of your surveys’ score

 You can read more about Board here.

All integrations

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