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With Dixa you can give good customer service on several channels.


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About Dixa

Dixa is an omni-channel tool that lets you and your customer service agents meet customers where they are. With Dixa you can provide great customer service on:

  • The phone
  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Chat

Use your phone as your customer service tool

Help your customers through difficult issues with Dixa’s telephony system. With the telephony system, you can build your dream call centre in just a few minutes – without any help. Among other things, Dixa lets you:

  • Direct calls to the person best placed to deal with the customer’s enquiry, so they always get the best help
  • Prioritise call queues over others, ensuring the right calls are handled first during busy periods
  • Choose your offer algorithm to distribute calls to your agents based on their priority and anxious idle time at once, and more
  • Set up a backup flow to ensure your customers can always get help

Automate your email support

With Dixa’s email support, you can organize your inbox with intelligent routing and efficient workflows. When you use Dixa for your email support, you can:

  • Respond faster. You can set Dixatil to automatically offer emails to the most appropriate, available employee through push notifications. That way, you avoid having to sort through shared inboxes
  • Give your employees the right information about the customer through the contact history. With the right insight, your employees can provide fast and personalised support
  • Prioritise phone queues over others, ensuring the right calls are handled first during busy periods
  • Equip your staff well by providing them with data. You can give employees access to data through integrations
  • Set up autoresponders that are automatically sent to your customers when they contact you. Among other things, this makes for a better customer experience

Stay in close contact with your customers through chat

With Dixa’s chat feature, you can meet your customers where they are most engaged with your online business. In the feature you can, among other things:

  • Tailor the chat experience to match your company’s visual identity. For example, you can decide what colour the chat should be and where it should be placed
  • Direct chats to the right employee by using URL triggers, employee skills or menus, among others
  • Get real-time and historical data about your chats. You can track your company’s service level and make sure each employee is performing well

Gain customer trust through Facebook Messenger

One in six people will engage with you on Facebook – why not use this opportunity to provide great customer service? By connecting Dixa to your company’s Facebook Messenger, you can:

  • Create stronger bonds with your customers by offering them an easier and friendlier way to engage with your brand. The ability to be in touch with your business over Facebook Messenger also makes it easier for them to multitask while they wait for your response
  • Track your business’s customer enquiries. With Dixa, you can see what your Facebook traffic looks like and compare it to data from other channels

Be present on the most used messaging app WhatsApp

One in six people will engage with you on Facebook – why not use this opportunity to provide great customer service? By connecting Dixa with your company’s Facebook Messenger, you can More and more people are moving away from traditional forms of communication. Instead, they’re focusing on messaging apps to communicate with friends and family. As a result, customers also want to be able to get in touch with businesses in the same, easy way. That’s why you can benefit from connecting Dixa with WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app in the world. When you connect Dixa to your WhatsApp, you can, among other things, see what your WhatsApp traffic looks like and compare it with data from other channels.

Visualize data from Dixa on IntraManager Board

When you connect IntraManager Board with Dixa, you can, among other things, set up your own boards with data from Dixa. IntraManager Board can retrieve the following data from Dixa.

  • Queue names
  • Rated calls
  • Total call handling time
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