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With the integration between IntraManager Board and Adversus, you get the opportunity to visualize your data directly from Adversus in a live performance dashboard from IntraManager Board. When you integrate Adversus with IntraManager Board, you get an intuitive way to keep an overview of all communication in your contact center including all things outbound, inbound and redirection services.
Adversus is a browser- and customer relationship management system that was made to help you improve your KPIs by the help of their automated dialer system. This system is designed to give you a great insight in your company’s data so that you can make qualified decisions that will better your campaigns and general performance.

How can you use Adversus?

Adversus has many features designed to help you create a better workflow. They have 4 main categories you can use, either joint or separately to optimize your contact center:

• Communicate
With communication, you control all aspects of communication in the company. That is all things from outbound and inbound campaigns to redirection of calls for specific campaigns. and lead management where you can set up automatic flows and segment your leads. In communication you can also manage meetings with a direct two-way integration to popular calendars that lets you book meetings with consultants directly through the dialer.

• Educate
In education, you get an insight into how your agents are performing. There are different ways to explore performance. One is pulling data reports with the specific KPIs you want to measure, another is listening in on live calls to quality check the performance. You can do this through tapings of calls as well, these you can use for training new agents, developing employees and to do quality control. Educate also lets you do quality assurance on your leads, where you can systematically go though sales and set up actions for leads.

• Automate
Through Adversus you can automate the customer journey and workflows in your contact center. By the help of journeys, you can integrate to external data sources that are able to manage your leads through the sales process. With calling strategies you can automatically call leads in a prioritized way, making sure that you call the most important leads first, you can even call more leads at the same time.

• Administrate
Through the administration tool you can administrate what your agents have access to, and you can keep an eye out for your leads and make sure that all your leads are updated with the right data, and that they’re only registered once. Using warehouse and workforce you can explore data on several things, such as leads and calls. Here you can either look at the newest data or rewind and see what leads you’ve had previously and how your agents have spent their time previously.

The value of integrating IntraManager Board with Adversus

Through IntraManager Board you get a deep integration to Adversus that allows you to visualize data from Adversus in a performance dashboard, making it easy for you to watch your data live.
When Integrating Board with Adversus you are free to choose which KPIs matter most to you so you’re able to visualize and keep track on your performance.
The integration is super easy to setup and has many ways to show your chosen KPIs, it’s just a matter of getting creative and choosing which goals you want shown as numbers, tables or various types of charts, that can be based on either daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Visual performance and noticeable success

Adversus is a successful system that is frequently used by telemarketing- and customer relationship management businesses. By integrating with IntraManager Board your business can get access to live visualization of the important data that’s relevant for your specific department or campaign.
The dashboards themselves are super logical and easy to setup. In other words, it doesn’t take an IT expert to be able to create an intuitive dashboard, that everyone can make great use of. Through TV-sharing you can easily show dashboards on screens in different departments, this way everyone has access to the department, and their own performance. With the goals you choose you can also setup performance related games where you can challenge each other on who reaches specific goals first. You can even switch between dashboards and games though the use of slideshows.

Insights in all parameters

Through the integration between Adversus and IntraManager Board you get at quick insight on all parameters in your contact center. What’s even more smart about the slideshow function is, that you can create several dashboards, meaning you can visualize KPIs relevant for one thing and on another dashboard or in a game, you can choose another. This way you get to keep track on the performance that is most relevant to you, in the timeframe you want. You can have one dashboard showing the daily performance, another that shows weekly sales initiatives, or you can track monthly campaign performances. Smart thing is, you don’t have to choose just one, you can either put all of them into one dashboard, or you can add them to the same slideshow allowing you to switch between daily, weekly and monthly performance data.

Involve employees with sharing performance

Make sure that valuable data and performance tracking isn’t only available for management, but involve employees using the TV-function to show dashboards in common rooms, offices and departments allowing everyone access to their performance. Being able to follow your own performance can often be a huge motivation for employees. What can foster even more motivation can be the gamification of goals. Using IntraManager Board and Adversus lets you create games from the goals you want, that could be “most sales in a day” or “lowest calling times” etc… Being able to see yourself side by side with your coworkers can foster motivation and make sales even more fun to make.
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