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Get motivated

Combine the employees’ sales work with a team activity and experience a better performance. 

Non-binding. All we need is an email and a phone number.
Gamification i IntraManager Board

increase the engagement
Among your employees

Make sales and performance work fun for your employees and increase their commitment and motivation with the built-in games. In the games, employees can constantly follow their performance and see how close they are to the goal. The increased employee engagement and increasing motivation help to improve your contact center’s performance. 

Get started quickly

Increase the employee engagement quickly with the built-in games. The games are set up in a few steps and they can be put together in different ways. This means that you can quickly and, in a few steps, get started using the built-in games in your contact center.  

Select Target type

You can choose whether your games should be of the target types “Count up”, “Count down” or “Over/under”. For example, when you select the target type “Over/Under”, the game changes its expression depending on whether you are above or below your target. 

Display live data and
improve performance

Try IntraManager Board free of charge for 30 days and experience the benefits of visualizing your contact center's data and performance yourself. The trial period is non-binding and the only thing we need from you is your e-mail and phone number.

Non-binding. All we need is an email and a phone number.