The market's best overall solution

With IntraManager, you have a unique opportunity to record hours and sales, planning out shifts, auto calculate salaries and bonuses, full automatic analysis of your budgets and more.

Welcome to IntraManager all in a system

Programmet, der hjælper dig med at samle al bogføring i ét system. Du får et intuitivt regnskabsprogram,
der samler de funktioner, du har brug for til at få komplet overblik over din virksomheds økonomi, og gør din bogføring mere effektiv.

What you get with Intra Manager

Accounting program that meets your needs and provides an overview of everyday life.

Intelligent shift planning

Let your employees control their own shifts, from the conditions that YOU sets. This provides better control and less administrative work.

Salary and bonus calculation

Let the system do your calculation of salary and bonus, so you can just simply export to the payroll system. This reduces typing errors and gives you more time!

  • Analyses

    Intra Manager serves both index figures and forecasts, from your budgets. Enter the budget once and let the system do the rest.

  • Communication

    Communication is important, but why spend more time on it than necessary? Intra Manager gathers all in one place. Whether it is staff manuals, product descriptions or sales concepts.

  • Statistics

    Get a complete overview of all customers, projects or employees. Let employees see their own statistics and experience an easier life.