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Automate your payroll with Zenegy. Coupled with IntraManager Work, payroll administration doesn't get any simpler.


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About Zenegy

Zenegy is a complete payroll system with a modern and intuitive interface that offers a whole new payroll experience. It’s a cloud-based system built on a 100% open API that allows you to connect it with other tools – including IntraManager Work. This way, your processes are automated and streamlined, allowing users to save time on administration and focus on their core competencies instead.
Zenegy’s payroll system offers plenty of functionality, a user-friendly flow, automation and better overviews and reports of payroll data.

Connect with IntraManager Work

Connect Zenegy with IntraManager Work and get the tools talking. This means you can easily transfer approved hours, bonus calculations, holiday, sickness, flexitime, employee time off, etc. once the two systems are connected. This way, all the information is automatically included in the payroll run and you don’t have to enter it manually, significantly reducing the risk of human error. When you’re ready to pay, simply ask Work to calculate the gross salary. Then simply choose to send it to Zenegy and you’ll be taken through for approval.

Once Zenegy and IntraManager® Work are connected, you can simply create new employees in one place. Employee master data will be continuously transferred and updated directly from Work to Zenegy, and the information will of course be collected and handled according to all GDPR regulations. This way, you always have the latest data on your employees, collected and handled correctly.

Easy setup

The set-up of the integration is minimal and you save time on manual data entry by connecting Zenegy and IntraManager Work.

  • You only need to create employees in one place, as Work and Zenegy talk to each other.
  • You can reduce errors in the payroll process as manual keying is significantly minimised.
  • Protect the environment. All data is in the cloud as the technology is cloud-based. This way you save a lot of paper while of course following GDPR regulations.
  • You can transfer all staff purchases directly to Zenegy from Work.
Interactive payslip

The Zenegy app gives all employees an interactive payslip, with lots of features. All payroll elements are explained with a help text, making it easier for the employee to understand their payslip. In addition, the app comes with 12 different languages, overview of holidays – accrued and remaining, option to report holidays, sickness, driving and out-of-pocket expenses. Easy and straightforward – at your fingertips.

You can read more about Zenegy here.

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