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About LeadDesk 

LeadDesk is a cloud-based solution for high-volume sales and customer service. LeadDesk is a single solution that fits three different purposes: outbound sales, inbound sales and customer service. With LeadDesk, you get the right tools to efficiently handle high volumes of leads and inquiries by connecting the right person through the right channel with the right solution at the right time.

As outbound sales software

LeadDesk can be used as outbound sales software. The software includes:

  • A multimode calling application that is intuitive. The program increases your employees’ chance of calling the right person. A choice of six different calling features to suit your business and needs.
  • The software also includes an automated lead management feature, where you can build workflows that boost your sales performance.
  • A secure, global server infrastructure that eliminates downtime.
  • Call monitoring capabilities, live overviews and compelling reporting tools.
  • A feature where you can add or remove seats and features as needed. So it allows you to scale up or down easily.
As inbound sales software

When you use the solution as your inbound sales software, you can easily distribute calls and emails to the right employee based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or on the employee’s ability. When you use LeadDesk for this, you can:

  • Collect all inbound contacts in the same queues, so your employees’ work is efficiently prioritised.
  • Mix inbound and outbound calls seamlessly, improving your employees’ productivity.
  • Keep track of your contact centre with call monitoring, live overviews and use various reporting tools.
As customer service software

When you use LeadDesk as your contact centre customer service software, you can distribute calls and emails to the employee best equipped to handle the task. You can also:

  • Collect all customer service requests in the same queues.
  • Mix all incoming and outgoing calls seamlessly.
  • Get a unified view of your contact centre with call monitoring, real-time summaries and the ability to use various reporting tools.
LeadDesk and integrations

LeadDesk integrates with a number of tools, including IntraManager Work. When you integrate LeadDesk with IntraManager Work, you automate and optimise your contact centre’s daily work.

You can read more about LeadDesk and its features here.

All integrations

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