IntraManager Work

Close contact with the employees
with work

Be in close contact with your employees and give them the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and develop 

Completely non-binding. No payment information needed.

Fast employee creation

Create your employee’s profiles fast and easily in IntraManager Work. Simply enter the employee’s contact information and the tool will automatically send an e-mail with a link. Through this link, the employee can quickly fill in their personal information.

Stored securely
in the cloud

The employees’ data is created and stored in an encrypted IT environment, which of course is in accordance with the legislation in the area. You can therefore be sure that the data does not end up in the wrong hands. 

Sign digitally with 


Sign employee contacts and other important documents digitally with IntraSignature directly in IntraManager Work. IntraSignature thus removes the risk of the sensitive data falling into the wrong hands   

Experience the employee development  

Dress your employees for success. With the training and testing function, you can quickly identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses, which is a very valuable insight for you. With the training and testing function, you can easily set up training lines so that you can, for example, train your employees in the products you sell or in new campaigns. Once you have created and enrolled an employee for a training line, that person will automatically participate in it via Work. 

Built-in messaging system

Be in close contact with the employees in the built-in messaging system. The messaging system works just like other messaging systems, but since everything is gathered on your contact center’s own platform, the information does not end up in the hands of a third party. 

Knowledge sharing across your contact center


Make it easy for your employees to acquire new knowledge by sharing articles about your internal processes, workflows, etc. 


Keep all employees up to date in an easy way by sharing news with them directly through Work. 


Invite the relevant employees to events, such as branch parties, Christmas lunches, etc.  

Take control
over your contact center

Try IntraManager Work free of charge for 30 days and experience the benefits of having your manual processes automated in your contact center. The trial period is completely non-committal so you do not need to provide any payment details.

Completely non-binding. No payment information needed.