IntraManager Work

watch your economy live
with work

Get an overall overview of your contact center’s finances and follow, among other things, your contribution margin, revenue and your budgets live.  

Completely non-binding. No payment information needed.

Follow your contact center’s contribution margin 

Get a visual overview of your contact center’s finances. With the financial overview, you can, for example, follow the turnover, costs and your contribution margin live. The financial overview therefore equips you to make decisions on behalf of your contact center on a well-informed basis. 

Visualize the goals and reach them 

Use the built-in budgets to, among other things, develop your employees and keep an eye on the development in your contact center. Budgets can be customized to fit your contact center. For example, you can set up a budget for an entire department or just one employee in relation to the total number of sales.

Motivate the employees
with a bonus

Easily set up bonus schemes and reward your employees for their hard work. The bonus schemes can, for example, be set up as a day or period bonus, which is based on the number of sales, meetings, etc. Once you have set up a bonus scheme, the bonus that the employees have earned is automatically included in your payroll.  

easy payroll administration

Integrate Work with your payroll system, including Zenegy, Danløn, Dataløn, Lessor PM and, and make your payroll administration easier than ever before. When you manage the payroll in Work, the risk of human error is reduced, as the manual work is significantly minimized. 

invoice on the right basis

Get the right data base to invoice your customers. In the invoicing basis, you can, for example, search for a given customer and see pay hours, call hours, revenue/hour, revenue/product and the total revenue. The feature is easy to use and is very valuable to your contact center if you have multiple customers that your employees call. The function minimizes the manual work in, for example, Excel and significantly minimizes the risk of human errors.  

Take control
over your contact center

Try IntraManager Work free of charge for 30 days and experience the benefits of having your manual processes automated in your contact center. The trial period is completely non-committal so you do not need to provide any payment details.

Completely non-binding. No payment information needed.