IntraManager Board

show data
on your TV screens

Administer TV viewing centrally across teams and departments and have the control over who sees which boards.  

Non-binding. All we need is an email and a phone number.

Decide centrally what is shown 

Centrally decide which boards, slideshows or games to display on screens in your contact center with the built-in TV function. With the function, you can, for example, sit in a different location than your employees and decide what data they should be presented with.  

Screens turn on automatically

Turn on the “Inactive timer” function and your screens will automatically shut down for a given period. When the time is up, the screens automatically turn on again and it will show the same board, slideshow or game that it was on before it was shut down. 

Vis live data og
øg performance

Prøv IntraManager Board gratis i 30 dage og oplev fordelene ved selv at visualisere dit kontaktcenters data og ydeevne. Prøveperioden er uforpligtende og det eneste vi skal bruge fra dig er e-mail og telefonnummer.
Helt uforpligtende. Det eneste vi skal bruge er e-mail og telefonnr.