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Vimeo is a video sharing website where you can upload, share and watch videos.

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About Vimeo

Vimeo is a video sharing website where you can upload, share and watch videos. The service has the distinction of being the first video sharing website to support high-definition video. Vimeo offers a free package where you can use up to 25GB of storage per year. However, if you want to invest heavily in your video marketing and use Vimeo for that, it may be worth buying one of the other packages as they contain additional tools.

Businesses often choose the service over YouTube as it offers better quality and appears more professional, and you also have much more control over what appears after your videos are finished than you do on YouTube. When one of your videos is finished on Vimeo, you can show one of your other videos that is relevant to the viewer. You also have the option to tailor your profile to match your company’s visual identity. The service also offers more privacy settings than YouTube, so if you need to host private videos (of unpublished products, for example), you can protect the content with password and privacy settings so you always know who can see your videos.

As there are no ads or commercials on the service, there are fewer distractions and people are therefore often more willing to spend time on the channel and engage with the videos.

You can explore more about Vimeo here.
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