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Salesforce is a CRM system that connects businesses with their customers.

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About Salesforce

Salesforce brings you closer to your customers. It’s a CRM system that gives all your departments – including marketing, sales and service – a single, unified view of each customer. That way, you can more easily create more engaging content that’s tailored to your customers. Salesforce consists of several different modules, including:
  • Sales Cloud, which helps increase your employees’ productivity, fill the pipeline with good leads and give employees insights they can act on in the sales situation.
  • Service Cloud, which enhances your customer service. The module can be used in both contact centres and self-service portals.
  • Service Cloud gives you customer service solutions that are far more responsive, intuitive and flexible, so you can solve your customers’ challenges in a good and fast way.
  • Marketing Cloud, which you can use to build one-to-one customer journeys and accelerate and drive your sales with B2B marketing automation, among other things.
  • Commerce, which helps you create better customer experiences. You can engage buyers across digital channels with personalised commerce solutions for marketing, promotions and more.
  • Analytics, which helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive your business forward. Artificial intelligence simplifies the entire flow, taking you from data, to insight and action in minutes.
  • myTrailhead, which can help you get your newest employees up to speed quickly, increase productivity and cultivate the culture of your contact centre, among other things.
You can connect Salesforce with a wide range of tools, including IntraManager Work and IntraManager Board.
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