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About OnlineFundraising

IntraManager Board can be integrated with the fundraising tool OnlineFundraising from Fundraisingbureauet. The integration between the two solutions allows you to visualise data from your fundraising, donations and memberships. The visualisation of the data from OnlineFundraising can provide an overview and help to motivate employees even more to work for a good cause.

What is OnlineFundraising?

OnlineFundraising is a digital fundraising solution developed by the Danish company Fundraisingbureauet. OnlineFundraising consists of an onboarding tool and payment engine – in one solution. The onboarding tool makes it easier for you to recruit and correct existing payment agreements on your website, with telemarketing, on the street or in your member service. The tool lets you:

  • Design your own payment forms
  • Set up personalised thank you emails and SMS messages
  • Offer your donors to pay with their preferred payment method
  • Accept payments through a variety of recruitment channels – for example, on your website, on the street or by phone

The benefits of using the module include:

  • The giver doesn’t have to provide any personal information, as the person can approve the deal themselves with a swipe in the MobilePay or Payment Service app. This helps to give the giver peace of mind
  • You can easily increase the amount, change the frequency or switch the payment method for existing agreements

With OnlineFundraising’s payment engine, you can:

  • Create payment agreements on all payment methods, which are automatically collected
  • Get notified of rejected payments and help on how to act
  • Change the means of payment of an existing payment agreement (e.g. if a payment card has expired)
  • Collect payment data from all payment instruments in one place
  • Get data directly into your CRM, accounting, or visualisation system (e.g. IntraManager Board) when setting up integration
What can you visualize from OnlineFundraising on IntraManager Board?

Once the integration between IntraManager Board and OnlineFundraising is set up, you can display a wide range of data. For example, you can set up a board that gives you valuable insight into:

  • Users
  • Completed and failed sessions
  • Amount
  • Workflows

You can read much more about OnlineFundraising here.

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