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Create value in your company's department with Microsoft Dynamics 365. When you use Dynamics 365 in your company, you can create more value.


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About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Create value in your business departments with the enterprise software Microsoft Dynamics 365. It can be used in all departments of your business – from sales and marketing to operations and HR. With Microsoft Dynamics, you get a range of intelligent solutions that empower everyone in your business to deliver great operational results and create more unique customer experiences.

Drive results with Microsoft Dynamics 365

When you use Dynamics 365 as your business application, you can create more value in less time. You can quickly find new solutions or optimize existing ones to boost results.
With Dynamics 365, you can:

  • Use modular, out-of-the-box applications: Dynamics 365 easily connects with the systems and tools you already use – such as the IntraManager Board. When you connect the application with IntraManager Board, you can easily view your data from Dynamics in real time and be properly equipped to make strategic decisions for your business.
  • Create solutions from start to finish: when you use the application, you can accelerate business growth. You can optimize operations, interact across teams, and engage customers far better by connecting the application with other systems and tools.
  • Implement and onboard quickly: you can quickly deploy the programme and motivate your staff to use it, achieving and seeing results quickly
How the programme delivers value

Microsoft Dynamics 365 creates value across all your business departments. When you use the application in your sales department, for example, you can easily find and build stronger relationships. The program helps you achieve improved productivity and performance. On the other hand, if you use Dynamics 365 in your customer service department, you can consistently deliver positive customer experiences faster. The program lets you optimize your resources and helps your employees be more efficient.

You can read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 here.

Visualize data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with IntraManager Board

You can connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our visualization tool IntraManager Board. Once the tools are connected, you can easily and quickly create visual and meaningful boards that automatically display your data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 live. This gives you an in-depth view and insight, equipping you to make strategic decisions on behalf of your business. The board thus helps to ensure your company’s progress.

You can read more about IntraManager Board here.

All integrations

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