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Automate and streamline your financial consolidation process and achieve fully audit-compliant consolidation with Konsolidator.


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About Konsolidator 

Automate and streamline your financial consolidator process and achieve full revision-compliant consolidation with a single click with Konsolidator. Konsolidator gives you a clear overview of your concern, while at the same time you can provide figures and insights to the concern’s management more quickly.

The solution is simple and standardized, and it contains all the elements for financial consolidation, which ensures that you comply with local GAAP and IFRS requirements.

Reduce your consolidation time and minimize the risk of errors

Konsolidator gives you a standardized and simple solution, which of course includes all the elements of financial consolidation. The solution also helps you comply with all local GAAP and IFRS requirements. 

Konsolidator includes consolidation of your concern and sub-concern:

  • Automated consolidation of actual figures, budget figures and forecasts (including profit and loss (eg., segments, business units or products lines), financial and operational KPIs)  
  • Liquidity statements  
  • Internal eliminations  
  • Elimination of investments in subsidiaries 
  • Calculation and elimination of minority interests  
  • Exchange rate adjustments 
What can you do with Konsolidator?

When you use Konsolidator as your consolidation tool, you can  

  • Automate manual processes and thus streamline your workflows
    Konsolidator® automates the time-consuming tasks (such as data collection, handling of elimination items, cross-company currency conversion, etc.) that do not add value to your group or your shareholders. It enables you to create results for your stakeholders much faster, and generate higher quality data  
  • Work across teams with the smart multi-user access
    When you subscribe to Konsolidator, you can create an unlimited number of users. This means that you can ensure that your finance team – regardless of whether you are based in different countries – can be fully integrated without having to work in several different spreadsheets. 
  • Control your data with an online, structured data warehouse  
    Get the data you need, no matter where and when you need it. With Konsolidator you can extract and compare numbers easier and faster than in Microsoft Excel. Prepare historical overviews of the concern’s data for important stakeholders, and track data to see the concern’s financial development over time.  
  • Become a trusted advisor
    When you use Konsolidator, you get a lot of time released, which you can instead spend on being a trusted, strategic advisor.  
  • Get total transparency with a complete audit trail
    You can see and track changes in each number, adjustment and posting with Konsolidator’s complete audit trail. The audit trail gives you full transparency in your financial data across the concern, which is crucial in the audit process. 
  • Identify and eliminate errors
    Trust the accuracy of your financial data. Konsolidator highlights and informs you of any errors in the consolidation so that you can correct and resolve them. 

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