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Enreach provides solutions designed to meet all the needs of a sales department.


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About Enreach

Make your employees more efficient on the phone with Enreach. The solution helps you and your employees make smarter calls so you can focus on growing your business instead.
With Enreach, you can connect your departments and team members without any hassle.

Features in Enreach

Enreach includes several smart features, including

  • Intelligent dialers that can predict the availability of your employees and are automatically optimized so you are ready for new customers on the phone. It reduces the time spent on entering a number and waiting for people who do not pick up the phone
  • Dynamic employee interface that helps your employees gain insight into the customer
  • Handling payments – completely without problems
  • Overview of incoming calls so you do not lose leads or sales with an efficient system where you can track leads calling back from a previously missed call

When using Enreach in your contact center, you can also use a dynamic caller ID. This allows you to make calls based on exactly the number you want. It can be set up individually so that both your teams and your employees can get special numbers. These caller IDs can even rotate in a group with the dynamic module.

Features in Enreach

When you combine Enreach with our visualization tool – IntraManager Board – you can easily set up your board in just a few minutes. You can either use the cool templates or build your own board. Once the board is set up, the data from Enreach is automatically retrieved and displayed. With the insights you gain from the Board, you can show your team live data and help them improve their performance.

When you use Enreach and IntraManager Board in your contact center, you can, among other things, visualize the following KPIs:

  • Success
  • Success pr. Hour
  • Conversation, hours
  • Calls
  • And a lot of other KPIs!
You can read much more about Board here.
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