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Recruitment – a challenge in telemarketing

It is no secret that recruitment in the telemarketing industry can be difficult. The traditional recruitment methods cannot stand alone.

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Call Center | Telemarketing
18. February 2020
It is no secret that recruiting in the telemarketing industry can be difficult. The traditional recruitment methods cannot stand alone, and as a telemarketing owner you have to explore other opportunities, if you want to increase your chances to get qualified workforce, and a good match between employee and employer. Different methods can be used to achieve this which, if implemented and used correctly, can contribute to securing a better recruitment in telemarketing. Here are four methods, that are easy to implement and execute in your company: 1. Use your employees’ networks. A traditional recruitment process can often be relatively heavy, even in the telemarketing industry. If you use your employees’ network, you are more likely to find the right employees in the first attempt. At the same time, the chance of the employee having a good start-up at the company is increased. 2. Company ambassadors. It is important that the employees feel valued in the job as a telemarketing employee. If you create an environment where your employees are happy with their workplace, they are more likely to act as company ambassadors for your telemarketing agency on their own initiative. 3. Recruitment Bonus. Every sales consultant loves an extra cash bonus. Most often, it is cheaper to give an existing employee a bonus for headhunting a new colleague than it is to undergo a traditional recruitment process. Bonuses can easily be set up and administrated in our Workforce Management System IntraManager Work. 4. Sharing job postings on social media in employee networks. Have you managed to create a corporate ambassador culture? This can be used actively by getting your employees to encourage their network to send you an unsolicited application. However, the above efforts cannot stand alone. Since the need for new employees is always urgent, recruitment in telemarketing also important to focus on more traditional methods, for example job portals, such as JobIndex.

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