On-schedule forecasts

Create forecasts in your plans with the intelligent scheduling function in IntraManager Work.

All tasks in one place

All your administrative tasks are gathered in one place, which gives you the full overview of your organization and saves you a lot of time that you can spend on the core business.

Employee overview

You can easily get an overview of your employees and their data under the employee profile.

Finance module

Economy made easy

Financial overview

Get an overview of your organization’s economy. With the financial overview in IntraManager Work you can track your sales, costs and your coverage contribution/contribution margin live/in real time.

Salary administration

The payroll process gets a lot easier with IntraManager Work. Work can be integrated with a broad range of payroll systems, for example Danløn, DataLøn, Lessor PM, Salary.dk and Zenegy. The risk of mistakes due to manual process will be minimized when you integrate Work with your payroll system.


Enter budget information and reach your goals. IntraManager Work can, among other things, record your employees’ hours and sales results through integrations with the systems you use. It allows you to measure and visualize your budgets.

IntraManager Work schedule

A feature rich module

Smart and flexible

With IntraManager® Work, you can schedule shifts much faster than before. The intelligent schedule only needs to be set up once, and it will be based on the conditions you set up as an administrator.

Across departments

The module can also be organizational. In that way, you can see the different departments’ schedules and pull data across them. It will make your automatically generated reports more accurate and clearer.

Swap shifts

IntraManager® Work also includes an opportunity to swap shifts. In that way your employees can swap shifts among them, which eases/facilitates your administrative work.

Communication and HR

Close contact with your employees


With our test function you can educate your employees in new products. That way, you make sure that everyone is always up to date.

Secure data storage

Create and store your employee’s data in a safe/secure/reliable, encrypted IT-environment in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Digital signatures

Digitally sign employee contracts and store important documents in the cloud with IntraManager® Work. The documents are securely stored in an encrypted IT-environment and therefore comply with the GDPR regulations.


IntraManager Work provides a valuable insight

IntraManager Work statistics

With IntraManager® Work you can pull statistics across departments, products and employees. That way you can get the full overview of, for example, sales in a specific department for a given period.

External integrations

When you use IntraManager® Work you can connect the system to the most used dialers, including Adversus, Avaya CCR, Herobase, Leaddesk, Megadialer and more.

IntraManager Work pricing

All prices excluding VAT

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