IntraManager Enterprise

Unique and valuable insight into your entire business – combine data from various sources and set up automatic jobs with IntraManager Enterprise.

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Filtering options

Enterprise allows you to filter your searches and extract data at different levels, giving you a quick and visual overview of your data. The module collects data from your data sources and creates the most accurate and analytical reports. 


Automate your reports and save time on the routine work in e.g. Excel. When your reports are automated, you are always sure that the right data is coming to the right people, so you are assured the best starting point to work from.

Custom built for your needs 

We develop and design your Enterprise platform to meet your needs and match your company’s visual identity. The interface is designed in collaboration with you, and it is designed so that you can easily move around in the platform.


in-depth insight

Filter your data

Intensify your use of data with Enterprise’ statistics module. In the module you can extract data and make statistics on different levels, for instance at a department-/campaign-/employee level. With our BI tool you get the most accurate reports that you can use to make decisions on behalf of the company or to find future focal points.

Fold out the statistics

To give you the best possible overview of your statistics in IntraManager Enterprise, the platform contains a feature where you can fold your statistics in and out. This gives you a good and clear overview of your statistics and company helhed.

Lead statistics

With the statistics module you can monitor, among other things, the efficiency and hit rates on your leads. The Enterprise platform gives you a very valuable insight into your leads and employees’ use of them. With this insight you can, among other things, follow the development of the use of leads, which allows you to act much faster.


Automate your business


With IntraManager Enterprise you get an effective tool for automating your reporting. The platform reduces your manual processes, which significantly reduces the risk of human error. Should human error occur, the platform and its search and fold-out feature will make it easy to find them.

Save time

Since everything is automated, you save time on the routine work in e.g. Excel when compiling reports. It gives you more time to focus on what is important to your business and prepares you well for making big decisions for the company.


Connect your other systems and integrations with Enterprise and automate your work processes. The more data and the more integrations you connect to the Enterprise platform, the more time you save I. When you use Enterprise, you can focus instead on the core areas that are important to you.

Quality assurance


Do not compromise on your quality

Optimize the employee development

When your dialing system is integrated with the Enterprise platform, you will have the opportunity to listen and judge your employees’ dialogues in our Quality Assurance module. Here you can also pull statistics and data, and you can see, among other things, the average sentiment score of the employees and their overall rating. This gives you a complete insight into your employees and their skills.

Give your customers a better experience

With the Quality Assurance module, your customers are guaranteed the best experience. The module helps you spot bad trends and errors in the dialogues, which allows you to keep your employees on the right track so that your customers get a good experience of the individual employee and your company.

The customer journey

your journey with IntraManager Enterprise

What do you want and need? 

The journey starts with a workshop where we clarify your wishes and needs. We sign a confidentiality agreement and discuss the framework for cooperation. At this workshop we will, among other things, inquire about your data sources and integrations with other systems, so that we know where to get your data from.

Specified goals and deadline

The second step in your journey will be a workshop where we will show you what is possible and discuss as well as when it can be completed. The cooperation agreement will be adapted and finalized jointly.


In this step, we develop your custom Enterprise platform. In close collaboration with our developers, you can design and select your in-system boards to match your business and easily navigate around them.

Hand over

Once your Enterprise platform is set up, we will meet for a presentation of your platform where we go through everything. Here we will, among other things, show you how to do filtered searches and extraction of statistics etc. When your platform is delivered, we will of course always be available to you if you want something elaborate or have ideas for developing your platform.

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