Visualization of KPIs

IntraManager Board provides performance boards based on all kinds of KPIs with data obtained from e.g. your dialers or your workforce management software.

Customize to your needs

Customize your boards to match your visual identity with the various themes found in IntraManager® Board.

Streamlined design

The streamlined design, that characterizes IntraManager® Board, makes it easy to use for everyone.

Reliable widgets

Quick and easy to set up

Drag & drop

With the intuitive and easy-to-use interface of the IntraManager® Board, setting up and customizing your own boards is easier than ever.

You are in control

Working with the widgets built into IntraManager® Board, gives you easy access to manage the size, location, color and data view of your widgets and see the changes in real time.

Choose your own theme

Customize your boards to match your visual identity with the different themes in IntraManager® Board.


Making your work easier with IntraManager Board


Wide selection

IntraManager® Board works with a wide range of systems, in many different industries, to help ensure that you can easily display exactly the data that you need on your boards.


Collect everything in one place

Since IntraManager® Board can be integrated with a variety of applications, you can quickly gather all your data in one place, and not have to worry about complicated manuel processes.


Making your work more enjoyable

Motivate your employees

With the built-in gamification elements, IntraManager Board can motivate your employees to perform better.

Easily set up competitions

IntraManager Board makes it easy to set up a wide range of different competitions within the team or organization.

Emphasize the team

Give your employees an overview of how they perform. You can see the organization’s or department’s best performing employees on a daily and monthly basis.

IntraManager Board pricing

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