A price model that fits 
all contact centers

Experience the benefits of IntraManager Board in your contact center. Our pricing models are suitable for all contact centers – from the very small ones with only a few employees to contact centers with several hundred employees. 

The package solution

Minimum 5 licenses

DKK 119/ md.

pr. licens

  • Unlimited number of boards, games and slideshows
  • Notifications
  • Send to TVs inhouse or on other locations 
  • A wide range of integrations
  • Live data
  • Free e-mail support (tickets)
  • The oppourtunity to set up your own company and teams
  • Sharing boards and data on your terms
  • Theme templates and the oppourtunity to create your own 
  • IP restrictions 
  • Gallery (logo, pictures and so on)


Minimum 50 licenses

Contact us

Custom pricing

  • All features in the package solution
  • Single sign-on
  • Customized agreement
  • Account Manager
  • Manual paymens
  • Specific integration
  • Special pricing agreement
  • Free support by telephone

frequently asked questions

What do I get with the free 30-day trial period?

When you sign up for the free trial period of 30 days, you get a quick insight into what the IntraManager Board can do and how it can help you optimize your contact center’s performance. With the trial period, you get free access to all features, including creating an unlimited number of boards, slideshows, games and integrations, as well as access to our skilled support team, which you can use if you have questions about the tool’s functions. Before your trial period ends, you will have the opportunity to choose a package that suits your needs. We only ask for your payment details if you choose one of these packages. If not, your trial period will expire. 

What should I do if I want to up- or downgrade my package?

As a paying user of IntraManager Board, you can always upgrade or downgrade your package. By upgrading or downgrading, you can choose between packages with more or less functionality. 

Of course, you will only be billed for that time you use on the specific packages.  

How many boards do I need?

The number of boards needed depends on the setup of your team and the data you want to visualize. Overall, your boards should only display the most necessary and relevant data for your team or employees – otherwise you risk blurring the data’s messages. 

Bliver mine data opbevaret sikkert?

When you use the IntraManager Board as your performance tool, you can be absolutely sure that your data is stored securely. 

All communication between your web browser and the server is encrypted by an SSL certificate, and since all customers have their own database, there is no risk of data mixing. Of course, we comply with all GDPR regulations. You can read more about how we work with your data security here.