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Visualize your customer feedback with the integration between and IntraManager Board.


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Integrate and visualize your contact centers customer feedback with IntraManager Board and automatically gives you feedback about good and bad experiences in marketing, sales, shipping, operations, and customer service. It allows you to make changes and respond to bad experiences before it is too late.   

What can you do with

With you can

  • Measure
    Use automated triggers across the entire customer journey with data-driven measurements 
  • Understand
    Use’s dashboards to analyze where you should be heading to create change and better customer experiences. The tool also makes it possible to use categorization or AI to find the improvement possibilities, and when you combine it with the other customer data, you get increased insight
  • Act
    Set up alarms for specific actions on selected respondents and integrate these measurements into your daily systems – e.g., IntraManager Board.
Communication channels that you can use 

When using in your contact center, you can use the following communication channels to collect data 

  • E-mails
    You can send branded surveys via e-mails. With the smart e-mails, you can also customize the design to match your brand or business
  • QR code
    With, you can incorporate NPS into your product packaging, brochures, receipts or other printed materials.
  • Integrated
    You can integrate your surveys into your newsletter, your website or other digital forms of communication.
  • Popup
    Ask your customers and users about their experience via survey pop-ups on your website, your online shop, or in your app.
  • Text messages
    Perform text message surveys with branded link campaigns, reason mapping, and follow-up questions in browsers.
  • Link campaigns
    With, you can obtain answers via embedded links in your digital communication.
  • In-app
    You can embed your surveys directly into your customer apps. 
  • On locations
    Collect feedback via tablet stands, personal interviews, and with QR codes.
The value of the integration between IntraManager Board and

When you integrate the two tools, you can obtain surveys of your customers and users’ satisfaction and have them visualized on the visualization tool IntraManager Board. The integration is easy to set up, and you can, for example, show your contact center’s net promoter score, the number of promoters, passives and detractors, the overall rating, etc. 

The combination of and IntraManager Board improves employee performance and helps ensure the quality and progress of your contact center. 

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