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A streamlined onboarding process and job satisfaction

The Global Employee and Leadership Index 2017 survey shows that the companies that have an effective onboarding process have happier employees.

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Sofie Rex

Call Center
19. February 2020

When you have to hire a new employee that fits into your business, it is often a process that takes a lot of time and requires a lot of resources. With an effective and instructive onboarding process, you can help the new employee to gain a quicker insight into your company and its tasks. It makes a positive contribution to your business and ultimately benefits the new employee, colleagues, managers and the company.

Onboarding and increased job satisfaction

The Global Employee and Leadership Index 2017 survey from Ennova shows a clear connection between the companies with an effective onboarding process and their ability to retain new employees and increase job satisfaction in the workplace. Onboarding courses in Danish companies usually consist of

• An introduction to the department the new employee must work in
• The company’s strategy, goals and values
• An introduction to the systems and processes the company works in on a daily basis

Så mange nyansatte kommer på et onboarding-forløb
The picture above shows how many new employees take an onboarding course. If you want to read more about the survey or about onboarding in general, you can do so by clicking here.

The study also shows that the number of activities in the course has a positive effect on the new employee and his / her job satisfaction – the more activities in the introduction, the higher the job satisfaction. However, as companies do not have undreamt-of resources, it is extremely important that the onboarding process is streamlined and effective.
Global Employee and Leadership Index 2017 shows that the activities that produce the greatest impact for a new employee and ultimately the company are most often not part of the onboarding process of companies. These activities are

• An introduction to the departments that the new employee must work with daily
• A mentoring arrangement 

Introducing the departments that the new employee must work with

As you work a lot across departments today, it is extremely important that a new employee also gets a proper introduction of the departments they work with daily. If this introduction does not happen in the onboarding process, a lot of time will be spent on getting to know each other, which increases the risk of delays and misunderstandings/disagreements.

Mentoring arrangement

A mentoring arrangement benefits both the new employee and the employees’ manager. For the new employee, it is helpful to be able to ask a colleague instead of having to go to the manager with questions about e.g. the company or the tasks. The mentoring arrangement also gives the new employee an insight into the informal structures and culture that prevails in the company, and the manager is also relieved. The manager can therefore focus on the day-to-day operations of the department or company instead.

Elementer i danske virksomheders onboarding-forløb
The picture above shows which elements that are used in onboarding courses in Danish companies. If you want to learn more about the study or about onboarding in general, click here.
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