Three tips to become a better sales consultant

Not everyone is born with the right characteristics to succeed in telemarketing or sales. But with the right will and attitude it is possible.

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18. February 2020

Sales | Telemarketing

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Far from anyone has what it takes to work and succeed with telemarketing or sales. However, if you have the right will and attitude, it is possible to make a living in the industry/business/line of business.

It is all about attitude

The right attitude towards the product you are going to sell matters a lot. If you do not believe in the product, it will be impossible for you to convince a prospective customer that you have exactly what the person is missing.
If you only want to make money and you do not believe in the product you have to sell, it is very hard not to get worn out. It is therefore very important that you have the right attitude and believe in the product you have to sell


Be empathetic

As a seller, it is extremely important that you can put yourself in the customer’s place. Among other things, you should listen to them and give them a personal reference if they talk about something that you can relate to. It is also important that you speak the same language and at the same level as them. When you show that you are interested in the customer and show empathy, trust is built, which is very important in a sales situation.



Many people have the impression that a salesperson is very talkative, which is not always correct. The best sellers meet their customers with a sincere inquisitiveness, curiosity and interest. In order to establish a good dialogue with the customer, it is important that the seller do not let the conversation be about the product immediately. Instead, the seller should be curious and let the customer be the center of attention. To create a better dialogue, the salesperson can also use humor and smile through the phone – believe it or not, it can actually be heard at the other end.